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Prepare for an experiment.

I’m expecting this blog to be the most focused blog I’ve ever had, since my past and current blog casts a wider net, and this one will be just for reading.

On the other hand, I plan to cover a fair bit of territory here, “just” talking about reading. I’m doing two challenges this year, on GLBT literature and books I should have read in high school, so I’ll be posting about the books I read for those. I’m also planning to do Booking Through Thursday whenever the mood strikes me. I won’t be posting about the reading I do for teaching, because I want to reserve this space (and more space in my own life) for the reading I do just for myself, but I do plan to post about my family and how we read, both my children and myself (and my husband, if he doesn’t mind). I’m planning to do link posts and review posts and silly posts and narrative posts, but the connecting thread will always be what I’m reading.

So come along for the ride, if you like, and along the way, tell me what you’re reading!


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