GLBT Challenge List

Cover of "Boy Meets Boy"

Cover of Boy Meets Boy

For my second reading challenge this year, I chose the GLBT reading challenge, which is very self-directed–the hosts ask only that you choose any number of books, from any genre, by GLBT authors or dealing with GLBT characters, issues or themes. I’ve decided to do six titles, which combines with my other six challenge titles to make an even dozen.

Here’s my list, a mix of classic fiction and young adult literature, in no particular order:

Giovanni’s Room, by James Baldwin, a classic of modern literature
Boy Meets Boy, by David Levithan, YA literature
Will Grayson, Will Grayson, by Levithan and John Green, YA literature
The Price of Salt,by Patricia Highsmith, modern fiction
Tales of the City: A Novel , by Armistead Maupin, modern classic
Am I Blue?: Coming Out from the Silence, YA short fiction anthology

This challenge is an exciting one for me, because I’ve had these YA titles on my wishlist for awhile, but also because this is an area of literature I’ve wanted to explore for years. While in graduate school, I read GLBT history, theory, memoirs and nonfiction, but not enough fiction. I expect this to be enriching for me as a teacher, of course, but also in my role as club sponsor for our school’s Gay Straight Alliance.



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5 responses to “GLBT Challenge List

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  2. Marnie Colton

    Great idea for a reading challenge! I recently read The Price of Salt and loved it–Patricia Highsmith has always been one of my favorite writers, and I believe this is her only book that specifically addresses lesbianism. There are some fabulously lurid pulp covers of it, as she published it under a pseudonym:

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