Warriors (novel series)

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All my daughter Sophie wants to do right now is read the Warriors books and talk about the warriors books, about the clans of fighting cats and all of their legendary battles and dramas.

It started when her buddy Sammy lent her some of the books in the first series: she would come home from playdates with him each week with a new book, and soon she was spending every spare minute buried in one of the books. Grandma bought her the first and second series for Christmas, and since then, she carries one with her everywhere she goes.

I don’t really understand everything about them: the names are confusing, and I haven’t made the time yet to pick one up and give it a try. Just like I try to watch the television shows they like the most, I try to read some of the books they like, so I know what they are interested in and what might be influencing them. My other daughter is deep into Judy Moody territory, and I read Judy Moody, M.D.: The Doctor is In! yesterday–bonus points for discussing Elizabeth Blackwell! I probably won’t be able to read all the Warriors series, but I would like to be able to discuss them with her.

It’s been wonderful watching her become so obsessed with them, especially since this is her first venture into a series on her own. We read all the Harry Potter books together, as well as The Hobbit, and now my girls are venturing forth on their own. It’s also interesting to see their tastes diverging, as I had guessed they would.

As a lifelong reader myself, it’s intensely gratifying to see my two girls curled up on the couch, wrapped in blankets, noses in books.



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2 responses to “Warriors

  1. These books are hugely popular at our kids’ US school. The girls play clan battles on the playground and give each other warrior names. Have you seen the Warrior Adventures game on the website? It’s a geekish little D&D ripoff that makes me grin, because there’s something subversive about pre-teen girls playing D&D.

    Wilder has also read all these books, multiple times, as have (I think) the bookish wing of the boys at home. The battles are the boy-hook.

  2. No, I haven’t delved very far into the website, but I do think it’s genius to marry cats (girly) and warrior clans (boyish) to make some giant epic geekish hybrid. I’m about to order the third series for Sophie now!

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