Books for Young Feminists

As my girls hurtle towards the rocky shoals of middle school, notably perilous for young females everywhere, I welcome any help, from anywhere, especially in giving my girls some role models, some potential assists in the self-esteem arena.

Leave it to Bitch magazine to help me out, recently posting a wonderful list of 100 young adult books for feminist readers.

Now, there are definitely some old classics there from the Judy Blume school, but as a reader who stopped keeping up with YA once I wasn’t a YA anymore, there are plenty of titles on this list I don’t recognize and am excited to introduce to my girls in the next few years.



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2 responses to “Books for Young Feminists

  1. Jackie, have you seen the controversy surrounding this list? Check out the blog, Chasing Ray, for a report on the whole mess, but basically there were some commenters who complained about a few books and the editors removed them, then others defended, and then … Anyway. It’s still a good list but they took a few controversial books off and some of the authors who are included are angry.

    Here’s the best summary of the whole issue:

    • Yikes, what a mess–thanks for the link, Libby, because I would never have seen that otherwise. The entire idea of whether or not readers need to be “protected” from what they might experience in literature is a troubling one, and often at the root of censorship efforts, but it seems there are a number of complicated layers in this debate.

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