Literary Blog Hop: Setting

Literary Blog Hop

What setting (time or place) from a book or story would you most like to visit? Eudora Welty said that, “Being shown how to locate, to place, any account is what does most toward making us believe it…,” so in what location would you most like to hang out?

One of the reasons I read certain books over and over is because the world the author has created is so compelling that I want to spend more time living in it, even if the novelty has worn off, even if I’ve visited it hundreds of times before.

For this prompt, I have two answers: Prince Edward Island, due to the Anne of Green Gables series, and Hogwarts, from the Harry Potter series. When I was younger, I wanted to be one of the children running up the path towards Avonlea school, and now, I’d love to be the teacher in that school (if I could have my own family as well), or live next door to Anne and Gilbert and all their lovely children. If I couldn’t have that, I’d love to be a literature teacher at Hogwarts (again, with my own family), teaching the semiotics of The Tales of Beedle the Bard.

This is my literary blog hop post.



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11 responses to “Literary Blog Hop: Setting

  1. I’ve only read the first book, Anne of Green Gables, but it did not seem all that pleasant to be an orphan taken in by two people who really wanted a boy. Perhaps things improve in subsequent books.

    Here’s my take on places that I’ve visited via books:

  2. It’s amazing how many individuals want to move to Hogwarts, one of my personal choices was The great Library of Alexandria.

  3. Deb: oh, but how Anne wins them over, and how deeply they come to love her, is really beautiful. They are a very modern family in that way, forging bonds that don’t rely on biology.

    Parrish: I would love to spend some time in that library for sure, and I did read a wonderful biography of Cleopatra recently–have you read it? Here’s the link to my review if you are interested:

  4. My college roommate and I actually did make a pilgrimage to Prince Edward Island in college! Parts of it are disappointingly (but perhaps expectedly) commercial: Marilla’s Dry-Cleaning; Matthew’s Pizza. But touring her house was fabulous — we were so happy to be there!

  5. “The world the author has created is so compelling…” – exactly! All day I’ve been thinking of more and more *places* that books have taken me.

  6. Anne of Green Gables is a book I definitely need to read. I also would love to visit Hogwarts! Rowling’s world is so magical (but is it just me or do you wish she’d actually named her world something, like Middle-Earth or Narnia or Oz)? I hope to visit the Harry Potter Wizarding World in Orlando one of these days — yes, its a theme park but it sounds as close as we’re going to get!

  7. Also — enjoyed looking through your other posts! I’m a WordPress subscriber now…

    • Curlygeek, I will definitely have to visit the Wizarding World someday–I think I read recently they might even be expanding it? Adding more of Diagon Alley, maybe? I couldn’t list all the towns, but I would also love to spend a week (or two or three) visiting the Weasleys at the Burrow. Thanks so much for the kind words–I’ll be checking your blog out too!

      Lisa–definitely part of the magic of a really great book!

  8. Anne was quite good…the house would be great…what a fun thing you did, What Now.

    Check out my answer at:

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