Take A Chance Challenge

So far, one of my favorite aspects of tackling reading challenges is that it leads me in directions I might not have already taken. After decades of reading, you tend to settle into ruts, choosing books by authors you already know you like or genres you’re already pretty familiar with, which can make for satisfying reading but doesn’t exactly broaden your horizons. I’m seven books into my challenge lists, and it’s been absolutely invigorating.

Next, I’m going to take on a challenge that doesn’t allow me to choose my own books, the Take A Chance series of ten challenges, each with a different task. This list ranges from choosing a title from a well-known critic’s “best of” list to using online websites that suggest titles based on previous reading choices. This is more restricting but also more uncertain: for some of these, the titles I end up with will be pretty random.

I won’t be making a list in advance of the challenge, due to the nature of the tasks, but I will be posting here every time I complete a task, and will keep track of the list as I complete them on my Challenges page. Feel free to play along!


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