Things I Ate That I Love

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One of my favorite writer blogs is that of Emily Gould, who blogs on Tumblr at Things I Ate That I Love. Though I haven’t yet read her book, And the Heart Says Whatever, I think I’ve read a fair amount of her writing, from posts by and about her on Gawker and Jezebel to her infamous New York Times Magazine cover piece.

I love TIATIL partly because I just love her writerly voice: thoughtful, clever, not afraid to be emotional or heartfelt, self-aware and very young at the same time. Gould is still figuring it all out and isn’t afraid to have that be clear, and as controversial as she has been, I think she’s doing her strongest writing now, when she has started to look beyond herself. I love how she writes about literature as much as her experiences with publishing, and also, of course food she ate that she loved.

Any fan of contemporary authors should also check out her amazing Internet “chat show,” Cooking the Books, which has included authors like Jennifer Egan and Julie Powell. Emily chats with the authors about writing, publishing, and their work, while they make a recipe loosely or directly featured in the author’s most recent book. The show is often hilarious and always interesting, and I never miss an episode.


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