Top Ten Tuesday: Characters as Family Members

The Weasley family as shown in Harry Potter an...

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Courtesy of The Broke and the Bookish, here are the top ten characters I’d like to share a family with!

Like Laurie at What She Read, I feel like I could people this top ten almost entirely with the Weasley clan of Harry Potter fame. To be honest, I see Mr. and Mrs. Weasley as wonderful parental and marital role models; their unquestioning support of each other and their children, their bravery, their generosity and hospitality, their awareness of what’s important (family, courage and morality) and what’s not (money, status, housework) are all qualities I hope to emulate in my own family. And who wouldn’t want Fred, George and Ron as older brothers, at least for a little while? I’ll throw Harry and Hermione in here too, as they are so often “honorary” Weasleys throughout the series, and Hermione ends up marrying in. Percy, Bill and Ginny never quite grabbed me the others did, but I’d welcome them all in my own little Burrow anyway.

Of course, like thousands of bookish little girls, I spent hours longing to be part of the March family, of Little Women fame. As a somewhat lonely kid, I always envied the hustle and bustle of large families, though today I know that having that number of kids is not the best for me. Something is always happening, a playmate or fellow combatant is always around, and wherever they went, they traveled in the cocoon of the family.

Can I add the Blythes of the Anne of Green Gables series here, as well, for another of my literary familial role models? Once again, I don’t plan to have such a large family of my own, but I have wanting lately to reread the series, especially the later books that see Anne as a wife and mother with quite the crew of rambunctious and dreamy children. I also love and am inspired by the idea of Anne creating a family she never knew, growing up an orphan as she did (and I did not, but identify anyway, for other reasons).




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3 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Characters as Family Members

  1. Great choices. You are so right about little girls and Little Women!

  2. I did the same thing. I had a really difficult time trying to separate characters from their families, so I decided I would just take the whole family!

  3. I love that there are lots of us Little Women out there! And so many of us wanting to join these great literary families.

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