Top Ten: Bookish Peeves

This week’s top ten, Bookish Pet Peeves, is hosted as always by The Broke and the Bookish, and I’m looking forward to hearing what will probably be very opinionated entries!

I agree with the original poster and would start my list with plot holes and grammatical errors: I know proofreading can be overwhelming, but continuity errors make me crazy, and so do missing commas or misspelled words in what should be a finished work!

My other eight?

Non-ending endings: It really bugs me when a story just seems to drop off a cliff! I don’t need every single loose end wrapped up, and I don’t always need a happy ending, but I really get irritated when it seems that nothing has been resolved at all.

Overwrought dialogue: when every conversation is laden with adverbs, and all the characters’ emotions seem continually heightened, something is just not right.

Horrible film adaptations: I get that not every plot point can make it into the movie, but terrible casting is what really gets me angry!

Hasty wrap-ups: I’d rather read an enormous doorstop of a book than have all the climaxes shoved into the final chapter; give your denouement the build-up and resolution it deserves!

The price of hardbacks: I would love to have a library filled with hardcover books, but for the amount of books I buy, the prices are just too high.

The smaller size of so many paperbacks: I like a good portable beach book as much as the next girl, but sometimes they could be just an inch or two larger, to ensure easier holding while eating (not just me, right?) or walking, or other activities I like to do while reading.

Misleading or overhyped blurbs: Setting your novel in Sweden and having a murder does NOT automatically make it the next Girl with a Dragon Tattoo series.

Too many gratuitous pop-culture references: Some of my favorite authors are those who use a lot of references, (Stephen King, I’m looking at you) but I think there’s a fine art to using them effectively, not just sprinkling them in to make the book seem timely or to telegraph information about a character that should really be developed in more specific ways.


If you haven’t participated before, head on over and give it a try!



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6 responses to “Top Ten: Bookish Peeves

  1. I actually kind of like “non-endings.” I don’t really like any endings (I’m always disappointed), but non-endings always feel a bit more real.

    Here is my list:
    Here is my list:

  2. I so agree with “Misleading or overhyped blurbs” and the example that you gave 🙂 The book had nothing to do with the title!

  3. The price of hardcovers is prohibitive, isn’t it? I try and find used copies or wait for the titles to come out in paperback. They’re less bulky too.

  4. Overwrought dialogue, horrible film adaptations, hasty wrap-ups = Hate, hate, hate!

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