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Series? Or stand-alone books?

Most books I read are stand-alone books, but I think that’s partly because I don’t read a lot of mystery or science fiction/fantasy, which I think are genres heavy on serialization. My favorite series of all time would be the Harry Potter books, of course, with the Anne of Green Gables books following closely behind (and sometimes tied for the lead).

I also loved Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, and I think his work straddles this divide, in a way. Most of his works are stand-alone books, but the more you read of his work, especially the Castle Rock books, the more you see continuing characters and themes and the evolution of the setting. So while they are not “series” books, inhabiting that shared universe links them in a rich way that rewards the frequent reader.

This is my Booking Through Thursday post.



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7 responses to “BTT: Serial

  1. Series always seem like so much fun, like I could really get lost in their stories, but I have yet to find one that clicks with me. I think I am just too much of a stand alone kind of reader. I used to read a lot of Stephen King, maybe I should give him another try.

  2. For me, it is always stand-alone books. There are exceptions though. Check out those in my BTT: Headlines post!

  3. I’ve not read much Stephen King. But I used to read a lot of Fantasy which is where I came to appreciate the idea of a series. I think as long as a work is well written it is fine to read.

    My BTT

  4. I like both, but books in a series more. Here is my answer for this week’s Booking Through Thursday.

  5. I read both series and stand-alones – subject matter is the main thing I really take into consideration when choosing a book.

  6. I like both as long as it keeps you reading.

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