National Poetry Month Is Here!

Poem in Your Pocket

Image by Susan Ujka Larson Collection via Flickr

Hooray, it’s National Poetry Month! How are you celebrating?

I am:

How about you?  If you haven’t decided yet, here’s a list of 30 ways to celebrate that should prove inspiring!



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10 responses to “National Poetry Month Is Here!

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  2. Wow, Jackie! You are going all out for National Poetry Month!
    And you are the epitome of an Action Reader.
    I hope you’ll join us in our Poem In Your Pocket Challenge, either at What She Read or at our new (free) ning site: Given all that you’re doing, it should be a quick-and-easy enhancement to your April activities.
    I’d love to have you aboard at the Action Readers ning because your advice and feedback as we grow would be valuable indeed.
    Should you decide to visit, the answer to the sign-up question this month is: poem
    Thanks for always inspiring me!

  3. p.s. That Merwin poem is gorgeous.
    I think I’ll use it this week in my daily “bonus poem” posts in the run-up to “Poem In Your Pocket Day”. (With credit to you as the source, of course!)

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  5. Love your list! You have inspired me…thank you!

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