BTT: Visual

So … the books that you own (however many there may be) … do you display them proudly right there in plain sight for all the world to see? (At least the world that comes into your living room.)

Or do you keep them tucked away in your office or bedroom or library or closet or someplace less “public?”

One of the big selling points of our current house, for me, was that it has two living rooms, a front “parlor” and then a larger living room. We moved our piano into the newly christened “piano” room and then lined the walls with book shelves, and having most of my books together like that fulfilled a long-held dream of mine. Of course, though we have six bookcases in that room, not all of our books fit. There’s a book shelf in our bedroom that is overflowing, and two more upstairs bookshelves where our kids’ books live, as well as small piles of books scattered through the other rooms.

I am so in love with the fact that anyone walking into my house is immediately aware of what kind of readers we are (and probably, also how cluttered my house is). Reading is a central part of my core values and identity, and it’s wonderful to have that part of me right out there, where no one can miss it.

This is my Booking Through Thursday post.



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9 responses to “BTT: Visual

  1. I love it someone else who says where the books “live” here is my answer

  2. I like to show mine off. Check out my response for this week’s Booking Through Thursday.

  3. A whole room for books would be great.

    Stop and see mine and my giveaways.

  4. I would love to have a room for our books, but we just don’t have the space. There’s also something comforting about finding them all over the place, they’re never far away.

  5. A music room and library sounds so lovely!

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