Menu Poems

Instead of talking today about what I’ve been reading, I’d like to offer you something delicious to read: menu poems!

The 2011 Menu Poems are here! Each year, Alimentum issues a call for menu poems and then distributes their choices in select NYC restaurants, as well as making them available on their websites. They also welcome authors and readers to film themselves reading the poems, which are available on their YouTube channel.

I’m a huge fan of public poetry projects, but this year, I’m especially excited about this one because my poem, “A Hint From Your Server,” was chosen to be a menu poem! So please spend your lunch break (if you have one), reading these menu poems–I hope you find them both tasty and nourishing.



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6 responses to “Menu Poems

  1. She Started It

    Loved your poem, Jackie! Congratulations!

  2. Marnie

    I like it! Especially the play on “tip”. 🙂

  3. Jackie

    Thanks so much, ladies!

  4. Congrats! And what a lovely variation on “poem in your pocket”: a poem on your plate!

  5. And I’ll pass it on tomorrow for the News feature: Thanks!

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