Not in Theaters: BTT

a souvenir from U.S.A

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And–the reverse of last week’s question. Name one book that you hope never, ever, ever gets made into a movie (no matter how good that movie might be).

Oooh, this is a tough one. Tough because sometimes you can’t anticipate what terrible choices people will make (like totally miscasting Gillian Anderson as Lily Bart, let’s say).

I think, however, my final choice will be a movie that probably will never get made: The Catcher in the Rye, which has been tabooed as a result of Salinger’s tight control on all his work, and probably always will be. I don’t want to see anyone as Holden or Phoebe, I don’t want to see any of the book get excised, and I just don’t think his voice could be clearly transferred onto the big screen.

How about you?



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4 responses to “Not in Theaters: BTT

  1. Agreed. I just don’t think this one would translate well to film. It would take away so much meaning of the book.

    Here’s mine:

  2. That’s the first book that came to mind and I did mention it in my post. I’m not super attached to the book but I think it holds such a special place in the heart of many readers that it should be left alone!

  3. I wouldn’t want to see this book as a movie either but for a different reason that being I didn’t reallly like it at all.

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