About Jackie

Favorite genres: literary fiction, narrative nonfiction, historical fiction, biography, “women’s” fiction, poetry, history, American history, women’s history, social justice literature

Favorite authors: Stephen King, Richard Russo, Anne Tyler, Carol Shields, Edith Wharton, Walt Whitman, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, L. M. Montgomery, Maeve Binchy and always adding more

Age when I started reading: Four, according to family legend.

Favorite place to be when reading: bed, with couches a close second. I always have fantasies about reading outside, under flowering trees like a Jane Austen character, but it never quite pans out.

Favorite format: I’m a book girl, through and through–I don’t see myself with a Kindle or a Nook anytime soon. I love hardbacks when I can get (or afford) them, but there’s a certain allure to a small broken-backed pocket-sized paperback too.


2 responses to “About Jackie

  1. And thanks for the RSS feed: As promised, I signed right up! And the Slate.com article about love poems was wonderful: I promptly forwarded it to all my book group friends and English teacher colleagues…

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