I have borrowed much of this language from Dana Huff, because our policies are very similar. Please read carefully before contacting me.

The focus of this blog is books, and I am unable to plug your product, group, organization, or event unless it 1) is related to books and reading, and 2) is a topic I think readers will find interesting and I am interested in. You may contact me about your product, group, or organization if you think it meets either of these criteria, but I still may decide not to blog about it for a variety of reasons.

Please note that I do not accept advertising or guest blog posts on my site. I take ownership and control (as well as responsibility) for all the content that appears on this site. Accepting advertising and guest posts makes it very difficult for me to own, control, and be responsible for 100% of my content. Requests for advertisement and guest posts will be ignored.

Full Disclosure

Because of recent changes to Federal Trade Commission rules, bloggers must disclose gifts and payment. In order to comply with this ruling, here is what you need to know:

* Unless I state otherwise in the post, I have purchased the book being reviewed in each post. If I have not purchased the book (i.e., it was an ARC, a gift, a loan, or something else), I will state that fact in the review.
* All reviews on this site are my own opinion, and I have not been paid to review any book (or other product), nor will I accept payment to review such.
* I am not adverse to accepting books from publishers looking for me to review books as long as they understand my review will be my own opinion of the book, which is the same deal one has with professional book reviewers, after all.
* I am an Amazon affiliate, but my purpose in reviewing books at this site is not to rack up affiliate sales. I link to books to make it easier for interested parties to purchase, and honestly, I have chosen Amazon over other sellers because it is my personal favorite store, and I have had great service.
* All the writing on this site is my own, and I do not accept guest posts or advertising.

In short, if I gush about it, you can believe I really liked it and not just because someone paid me.

If you want to contact me, drop a comment here, or email me at jackieregales8 (at) gmail (dot) com.


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